Friday, November 28, 2008

Vaso Bukvich (Part 2)

This is just one of many records that Vaso Bukvich made with the "Yugoslavia" Tamburasko Drustvo from Indiana Harbor, Indiana. This was recorded in 1924 in Richmond, Indiana.

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Jedno Jutro Cim Je Zora SvanulaImao Sam Komsinicu

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dušan Jovanović (Part III)

Here are eight more records featuring one of the greatest prim players of all time, Dušan Jovanović. Most of these were recorded with his "ORAO" Tamburitza Orchestra.


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Ljubicica Ne Rasti Na Bregu
Amerikanski Becarac


Sic Mic MicikaPijemi Se Vince Rujna


Oj Jedva Cekam Da Subota DodjeKrece Se Ladja Franscuska


Ti Neznas Sto Je Ljubav


Sedi Boso Gde Si
Varala Me Jedna Cura Mala


Prosidba U Ameriki

Svadba U Ameriki


Amerikanac Putuje za Stari KrajU Kraju cu malo bit, povrati cu se u Detroit


Krstenje U Ameriki-I

Krstenje U Ameriki-II

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Milan G. Pančevac (1898-1971)

Milan G. Pančevac was an accordion player and singer from Pančevo in Serbia (then part of Austria-Hungary). He went by several stage names, but apparently his real name was Milan Gorčev. His discography shows that he was recording as early as 1927 for the Pellich Music Co. in Richmond, Indiana. Milan went on to make many more recordings of Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Hungarian, Romanian, and German songs and dances for both the Victor and Columbia recording studios. He eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio (E.33rd Street), where he was married and had several children.

These three records feature Milan both singing and playing the accordion. He had a wonderful, free style and his singing fits his playing perfectly. These were all recorded on June 26, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois.

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Pancevcevo KoloPancevcev Becarac


Ucime Majko
Zarobljeno Srce Moje


Bez Zene Je Gorko BitiCela Cura Na Rogal

Djoko Dokich - Part 2 (1940's)

These two were recorded in the 1940's and feature Djoko Dokich and his "BALKAN" Tamburitza Orchestra. Mel Dokich, Djoko's son, is playing violin.

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Ne Plac Mala

Ko Se Ono Bregom Sece



Monday, November 24, 2008

Milan Verni (Part 3)

Here are two Milan Verni records recorded in New York on November 4, 1940.

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Razbila Se Casa

U Sumici Zelenoj

Moja Bosno
Duni Vetre I Vihor Ruzu

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tamburaski Zbor "Zora" and Peter Perez

Here are six great records from the 1940's featuring the wonderful voice of Peter Perez, accompanied by Tamburaski Zbor "Zora" from Detroit, Michigan.


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Koliko Te Srce Moje Voli
Ciganka Sam Mlada

Da Nije LjubaviU Sumici Zelenoj


Razbila Se CasaDuni Vetre


Rujna ZoraMande Lipa Mande


Oj Djevojko Milje MojeImao Sam Sedam Zena


Ja Nekoga VolimMoje Luce Milce