Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cig. Kap. Sava Milković (1)/ Members of National Theater in Belgrade (2)

The two sides of this record are by different performers. First is a very interesting and beautiful song with a heavy Romanian slant performed by Sava Milković and his gypsy orchestra from the Braničevo District of Serbia. The energy in this performance is incredible.

Side two features actors from the National Theater of Belgrade performing a scene from the play "Đido, slika iz seoskog života u pet činova s pevanjem" (Djido, pictures from village life in five parts with singing) by Janko Veselinović. Performing here are Žanka Stokić, Teodora Arsenović, Aleksander Zlatković, and Milorad Dušanović

Srbi Vole Jer Su Lole

Djido I. čin - Maksim

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