Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vlado Konstantinović (1912)

Here's a very early recording of baritone singer Vlado Konstantinović featuring the beautiful solo tambura accompaniment of Andras Tavić . This is the other side of the first record in the previous post with the song "Pesmu ti pevam" by Vlado Marjanović and Drago Ilkić. It's interesting that Drago Ilkić recorded a version of "Pesmu ti pevam" with Andras Tavić on June 18, 1912, the day before he recorded the same song with Vlado Marjanović. This song, Pitaš mene, was also recorded on June 18, 1912.

Many years later, Joe Marmilich and his Tamburitzans recorded an absolutely beautiful version of Pitaš mene for the Marjon record company.

Pitaš mene

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