Saturday, August 8, 2009

Muzika Kraljeve Garde (1927)

This record features Serbia's premier military band, the King's Guard Orchestra, performing a beautiful instrumental medley of popular folk songs. The arrangement is by F.Sedlaček.

Potpuri što svaki peva - I.deo
Potpuri što svaki peva - II.deo


  1. Dear Steven

    If you didnt know this music was composed by STANISLAV BINIČKI. He was the conductor and composer for this military band and was the founder of Serbian opera at the beggining of 20th century.

    You and all others can find some facts at this site.

  2. Thanks a lot for the information and the great link!

  3. Beautiful record - I have it too, only on HMV label. Tracks were recorded in Belgrade, on 07.12.1927. Conductor is unknown to me at the moment, but it's not Binicki (he was the band-leader until 1920). All I know right now is that in the previous band's recording session (Odeon), the conductor was Dragutin Pokorni. Arranger is certain F. Sedlacek, as we can read on the label (I don't know why would anyone think it's Binicki).

    Congratulations on the well-done website!

    Ivan Z.

  4. Ivan, thanks a lot for the info. I think some people have been confused when I say something is "from the 1920's" and think I mean "from 1920". I need to try to get exact dates whenever possible.

  5. Wonderful, thank you.

  6. Divno!!!Hvala Vam od srca na trudu!!