Sunday, October 2, 2011

Srpski Tamburaški Kvintet (1917)

As was sometimes the case with these early releases, the orchestras were listed only as what type of group they were. It's very possible that this band went by another name, but the Victor Record Co. lists them here simply as "Srpski Muški Kvintet" (Serbian Male Quintet) or "Srpski Tamburaški Kvintet" (Serbian Tamburica Quintet). Some of the greatest tamburaši of the early 20th century can be heard on these recordings. Vaso Bukvić and Zdravko Jezdimir were founding members of the original Banat Tamburica Orchestra of Elizabeth, New Jersey (est.1912). They also went on to play in the "Yugoslavia" Tamburaško Društvo of Indiana Harbor, IN, together with another member of this band, Ćira Kozarov. The director of the "Srpski Muški Kvintet" was another legendary tamburaš, Sandor Huszar, an extremely talented musician, composer, and bandleader, he is probably most famous for the many recordings he made with Ilija Mišković in the 1920's. Rounding out this tamburitza quintet was bass vocalist B.V. Eliss.

This group of musicians recorded at least fourteen individual songs or instrumentals for the Victor company as the "Srpski Muški Kvintet" between May and August of 1917. Unfortunately, it seems that only eight recordings were ever released. I've posted four of these tracks below.

The first record is a great instrumental medley of Serbian and Croatian songs and dances (side A is mostly songs, and side B is mostly dances). The second record starts with an upbeat old patriotic tune, "Napred Stupaj", also known as "Srbijanci i Bosanci", or "Kralja Petra Pesma". The flip side is a nice rendition of the popular old song "Oj devojko! Oj!", better known as "Ti si rajski cvet", featuring lead vocals by Ćira Kozarov. 

Potpuri Srpsko-Hrvatskih pesama-I

Potpuri Srpsko-Hrvatskih pesama-II


Napred stupaj!

Oj devojko! Oj!


  1. Thanks for the short story as well as for the songs. Best regards. NS

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