Friday, July 31, 2009

Vlado Marjanović and Drago Ilkić (1912)

Decades before Rasha & Mirko, there was another unique tamburitza duo performing and recording here in the USA known as Marjanović & Ilkić. Vlado Marjanović was a brilliant primaš and tenor, who's fast, intricate style of playing contrasted beautifully with Drago Ilkić's steady rhythm and baritone vocals. Marjanović went on to play with many of the great early tamburaši, including Vaso Bukvich and the "Yugoslavia" Tamb. Društvo, and was a major influence on later musicians. In songs like "Otvori mi Mile pile vrata" and "Kad bi ove ružu male", or even the opening notes of "Pesmu ti pevam", you can hear the profound impact that Vlado Marjanović had on another legendary primaš and tenor, Marko Popovich. It's sad that great musicians like these can just disappear into obscurity. Vlado Marjanović & Drago Ilkić are two musicians who deserve to be remembered.


One of my favorite things about this first track "Pesmu ti pevam" is the second half when they sing a duet of "Čergo moja čergice". I've only included one side of the first record because the second side is by another musician, Vlado Konstantinović, and I'll post that next.

The second track here, "Otvori mi Mile pile vrata", ends with one of the greatest versions of a Kokonjeste that I've ever heard! You can really get a sense of Vlado Marjanović's intense and unique style from this recording.


All of these songs were recorded in New York between June 14 and June 28, 1912.

Pesmu ti pevam


Otvori mi Mile pile vrata
Kad bi ove ruže male


Misli moje
Ančice dušice

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