Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Djoko Dokich

Djoko Dokic was one of the greatest tamburitza musicians of the 20th century. An original member of the "Jorgovan" Tamburitza Orchestra, he played and recorded with all the greats from the turn of the century to the 1940's. Ilija Miskovic, Nikola Plavsic, Mirko Kolesar, Rada Stojic, Leo Baich, Sandor Huszar, Stevan Zerbes, Blaz Tkalac, Joe Skornjak, Jim Kovacevich, Braca Latkovich, John Krilcic, John Pavkovich, Peter Perez, Dave Zupkovich, and Marty Kapugi were some of the greats he performed with through the years. He was spectacular on the brac, as well as the prim, and he had a powerful, tenor voice. His arrangements were extremely popular, and his influence can be felt in many later recordings by musicians such as the Popovich Brothers and Marty Kapugi. There's a great biography of him here.

These are just a couple examples. The first record here is one of my all time favorites. Some of his best recordings were made with the "Jorgovan" Tamburitza Orchestra and I'll be posting those very soon.

Setala Se Bela Bula
Uzmimi Srce Moje


Moj Pendzeru Okiceni
Sunce Jarko

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