Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jorgovan Tamburica Orchestra - Part 1 (Victor)

It's hard to overstate the impact that this group of musicians has had on tamburitza in the United States. This was like the tamburitza "Dream Team" of the 1920's! Ilija Miskovich, Djoko Dokich, Nikola Plavsic, Rada Stojic, Todor Petrovich, and Mirko Kolesar were some of the tamburitza legends that made up "Jorgovan". Their arrangements were unique and powerful, and always performed with precise technique, yet they were able to avoid sounding showy or flashy. They could take any old song and turn it into something spectacular. I never get tired of listening to these old records.

"Jorgovan" made a huge number of recordings for both the Victor and Columbia record companies. What I'm posting here is just a fraction of their discography.

This first group of records were recorded between September of1925 and June of 1926 for the Victor record company. I think some of their best recordings were made for the Columbia record company and I'll post some of those next.

Oj Ti Vilo Velebita

Lijepo Ti Je Rano Uraniti


Oj Djurdjev Danak
Po Travici Pala Rosa


Ja Misljah
Ubava Cura Garava


Pesma Srpski Sokolova
Tera Lenka Vranca i Zelenka

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