Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tamburaski Zbor "Zora" and Peter Perez

Here are six great records from the 1940's featuring the wonderful voice of Peter Perez, accompanied by Tamburaski Zbor "Zora" from Detroit, Michigan.


Click the photos to play or download... 

Koliko Te Srce Moje Voli
Ciganka Sam Mlada

Da Nije LjubaviU Sumici Zelenoj


Razbila Se CasaDuni Vetre


Rujna ZoraMande Lipa Mande


Oj Djevojko Milje MojeImao Sam Sedam Zena


Ja Nekoga VolimMoje Luce Milce


  1. I just wanted to say thank you! My dad was Peter Perez. We no longer have any of his records so it was such a wonderful gift to hear his voice again.
    I have some other pictures of him and his band, if you are interested.
    Thank you again, sooooooooo much.
    Carol Allison

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thank you so much for writing. I would love to know more about your dad and I'm very interested in your photo's. Please send me an email if you get a chance.
    Steven Kozobarich