Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vaso Bukvich

Here are two great records featuring legendary primas Vaso Bukvich. As early as 1912 he was playing in the original "Banat" Orchestra, along with his brother Mirko, Zdravko Jezdimir, Letsa Stojanov, and Bogdan Kuzmanovich. In 1916, Vaso and Mirko recorded a number of wonderful kolos and songs for the Columbia record company in New York. Later, in 1924, Vaso traveled to Richmond, Indiana to record for the Starr Piano Company's independent "Jugoslavia Jewelry and Phonograph Co." label. His style of playing had an immense impact on later tamburasi, including Marty Kapugi, who credits him as a big influence. Not only was he a great primas, but a talented singer as well. You can hear him singing and playing on both of these records.

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Recorded in New York, March 1928

Koti Kupi Devojcice

Mene Mlada Ozenise


Recorded in New York, June 1916

S One Strane Save
Cetir Konja Debela

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