Saturday, November 8, 2008

Huszar - Miskovich Tamburitza Orchestra (1920's)

Align CenterIlija Miskovich was a famous band leader, primas, and singer in the 1920's. This orchestra, featuring Sandor Huszar, was just one of the many that he recorded with. Probably his most famous orchestra was "Jorgovan", and I'll be posting a lot of those records soon.

The four I've posted here are just a sample of what the Huszar-Miskovich Tamburitza Orchestra recorded. These are all folk songs, but they made comedy records as well.

These were recorded in New York in 1928-29.

Click the photos to play or download...

Uzor LjubaviPlava Moma


Stigla Jesen

Moj Se Dragi Naput Sprema


Jabuka Se Zacrveni

Svi Dragani


Kolko Ima Janjo

Ja Sam Sirota

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