Sunday, October 19, 2008

George Skrbina

One of my favorite Prim players, George Skrbina was a rare talent and true innovator. His playing was lively and gutsy! The kind of lead every tamburitza orchestra wishes for. He was constantly pushing the envelope, and this passion can be felt to the fullest in these wonderful recordings he made for the Stanchel record company. These were taken from the original 78 rpms. There's a great biography of George Skrbina here.


  1. Do you have the Stanchel 1022 78 handy? I'm looking for the music to the folk dance called Makedonka or Makedonka Kolo on that record.

  2. Hi, Yes it should be the same one that's in the list here as "Macedonian Kolo (Devojacko)". It's got the same catalog number 1022. Are you able to download it ok? Let me know.