Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marko Nesic (1873-1938)

From the city of Novi Sad, Marko Nesic was one of the greatest Serbian composers and tamburitza musicians. We are extremely fortunate that so many of his works have been passed down to us. The list of folk songs he composed for tambura goes on and on, and includes such famous titles as Žabaljka, Bogata sam imam svega, Đuvegije gde ste da ste, Kukuruzi već se beru, Donesi vina krčmarice, Majka me psuje, Oj meseče, Idem kući, Uzmi mi srce moje, Prolaze noći, Neven Kolo, etc., etc. Not only are we lucky to have so many great compositions, we even have some very old recordings of his tamburitza orchestras.

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Je si li vec uznale tiEj ljubicica s proleca

Filip Lipa Gruic

Filip Lipa Gruic was another great musician from Novi Sad. Marko Nesic was the conductor of his tamburitza orchestra.

Siroce sam
Majka me psuje


Ej gledaj muze
Sestrin rastanak


U Marice beo vrat
Sto se bore misli moje


  1. The job you are doing here is worth of NOBEL prize.Mr Skozobar is Serbian angel. We all like this thing you are putting here infront of us here in Serbia.

  2. That is too nice of you. Thank you so much for the compliments. I really appreciate hearing that you're enjoying this in Serbia!

  3. Hi there, Have you any idea from which year is the International Record 296? I just bought an International record with the number 287 but cannot find much info about the label.
    Peter Z

    1. Hi, I can't believe I missed that one! But I'm so glad it was you who got it. Very important historically for Serbians. I hope you will send me a copy soon :) I wish I had specific information about the date, but I can only tell you that it was made before WWI by an Austro-Hungarian company. I don't know how this small American company got them, but they seem to use the same matrix numbers as
      "Diadal Records".

    2. To be honest I was a bit surprised when no one else (you;))bid on it. For sure I will send copy and also put up on youtube.Originally on this eBay occasion I was only after two slovenian 78s but when I saw this one I knew I had to have it since I had a hunch it might be early and rare. International records had problems with copyright and was only active a few years. That's pretty much all I know about them. And I think it is the reason there are some peculiarities with the labels. Also with the one I bought. Parts of label have been scratched of on both sides. It will for sure be interesting to hear these tunes :)

    3. And thanks for the info u had about the label :)

    4. Btw artist on record is Joca Maksimovic.Bosanska Pesma and Prag je ovo milog Srpstva are the songs

  4. Peter, please send me an email. I've been trying to contact you by email and through YouTube since yesterday with no luck. I think you must have a new email address. I would very much like to put "Prag je ovo milog Srpstva" on my channel if you would allow me. I would say that it was donated by you of course. This is a very historically important song that I've bee searching for for a log time. It was composed by someone from the town of Sid, where much of my family comes from. I also have a very old recording which I would like you to put on your channel because I think more people will appreciate it there.
    Best regards,