Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dušan Jovanović (1920's)

There were many factors that set Dušan Jovanović apart from the other great musicians of his day. He was a true virtuoso on the prima, unafraid to take his playing in new directions, yet with an obvious respect for the old styles. His vocals were passionate and full of emotion. This was true "soul music"!
He was extremely popular not only in the Serbian and Croatian communities, but also the Romanian and Hungarian. He even recorded a set of Romanian records on the Victor label under the name D.Joanovichu.
He also made a number of Comedy records, some with his "Orao" orchestra, and some with other groups. I've included 3 records that he made with "Staich, Avramov, & Co."
Unfortunately Dusan Jovanovic never recorded after 1929. Tragically, he was killed in an auto-train collision, along with his entire "Orao" orchestra, on the way to a performance.

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Staich, Avramov, & Co

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